Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cut- Laminate- Repeat: February Math Centers

Anybody else spending their weekend printing, laminating and cutting? February is just around the corner so I need to get my new math centers ready.  Here is what I am spending this Saturday morning prepping.

How cute are these little robots from Pink Cat Studio? First up is this Algebra Review Game:  There are 20 algebraic equations cards, a game board, and a spinner.  I may have to run out and get some more ink!!!

Next up is the Broken Heart Algebra Match Up Activity where the students will match the correct variable with its algebraic equation- 12 in total! My hands are going to hurt cutting this one out!

Lastly, to reinforce tricky word problems here are 8 algebra word problem questions- I am going to print these on cardstock and laminate them so that during centers they can use white board markers to write on them- then they will use an answer key to check them at the end and I need to make a cute exit slip for this.

 These are in in my Fall in Love With Algebra set, along with some other goodies to use while covering Operations and Algebraic Thinking. 

  You can get this pack on sale now here at my TpT store AND for a little pinning fun I will email this set to the first 2 commenters who pin this. Just leave me your email and a link to the pin on Pinterest!  

Monday, January 12, 2015

Figurative Language 3D Heart Craftivity

I reviewed Figurative Language with my class the week before we went on Winter Break and they loved it. They confused metaphors with similes as well as hyperboles with idioms.  Creating something new for figurative language has been on my radar for awhile because I have second language learners.  I already have a great, hot selling product called Figurative Language is a Hoot. Read about it here.  However, I wanted to create something seasonal that we can do every holiday to reinforce these literary devices. The more practice, the more mastery and the more that they will start noticing, identifying, classifying and using them in their writing, reading and speaking.

So I created something for Valentine's Day, since it is just around the corner.

 With this activity, the students will review personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, simile, and metaphors. Then, they will write their own examples for each, using the brainstorming page to help them remain on topic. Finally, all of the poems will be written on a heart. By assembling them together a 3d model will be created which is an adorable and bulletin board display, The students get to be creative while reviewing language concepts. This product will be included in a seasonal Figurative Language Craftivity so that the students will have the ability to practice all year long.
Included in this set:
-Posters for all 6 poetic devices

-Planning pages for each of the literary devices

-A brainstorming sheet for Valentine’s Day ideas and symbols

-A Valentine’s Day idiom game

- 7 heart patterns with lines for writing their final draft on A blank tree pattern

-Sample pictures for assembly

Your students will LOVE playing around with language and creating a beautiful product. 

  This can be used for a centers, independent work, direct instruction, sub-work or homework!  Check my instagram because I am giving one of these away or grab one at my Teachers Pay Teachers store!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Snowflake Number Patterns for Upper Grades

Today is the last day to enter the amazing contest for the Winter Wonderland Blog Hop.

Yesterday I shared my Snowflake Pattern Freebie which is part of my newest set.
     Teaching patterns starts in kindergarten and it gets more and more complex as
they move on into upper elementary (functions), middle school (algebra/geometry), high school (Trigonometry) and beyond. 
      Learning to recognize patterns helps children to make connections, make predictions and begin to understand how different things work together.  My kiddos struggle with patterns A L-O-T, so I created this pack to use for intervention. There are 3 different activities for your students to complete while practicing patterns and functions. They vary in complexity and difficulty by exploring a variety of patterns (x,+,-, ÷). Students investigate patterns and think critically.

3 snowflake pattern worksheets that have the students figure out, complete the pattern and state the rule.

My kids especially struggle with word problems. Most of my students are English Language Learners so when they see words in math they shut down.  I am planning on using these as a Problem of the Day. I included a space for them to show their work and explain their rationale.  

My kids LOVE playing math games during center time. Some even come in at lunch to play!  I created this Pattern Review Game for them. It can be played in groups of 2-4 (or you can couple a high student with a struggling student and have them play 2 vs. 2).  

And last but not least… you know I love a good math craftivity...

Mommy's little helper is learning about patterns too.

Grab these here at my Tpt store now! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland in So Cal

Happy New Year! To kick start 2015, the fabulous Kristen from Easy Teaching Tools is hosting a Blog Hop with some of the amazing Southern California bloggers that we have all come to know, admire and love.  There are 2 awesome giveaways and a ton of freebies along the way… details at the end of this post!

This Winter break has FLOWN by.

Let me share some of the fun things that my family does during the winter...
One of the traditions we have over the Christmas break is to go out to look at Christmas lights.  There is a neighborhood close to us that has an AMAZING set up. Last year, we drove through the neighborhood on a lovely Wednesday evening- tucked into our car, listening to Christmas music and sipping on some hot chocolate. This year we decided to walk the neighborhood with a group of friends on a Saturday night. 
 I should have turned the car around once we saw police officers ushering and monitoring traffic.  Going on the weekend= BIG MISTAKE! We were there for probably 15 minutes before throwing in the towel!
Our newest Christmas traditions was going the Preschool Christmas pageant.  My daughter, Penelope goes to preschool 2 1/2 days a week, and this year she was an angel for the pageant.  
I thought I would be that mom sobbing in the front row, but instead I was the mom sweating and pacing in the back of the chapel trying to keep our 18 month old, Eli quiet and entertained. This boy is on the move 24/7… keeps me in shape I suppose.

One of my favorite things to do over any school break is get together with some of my other mommy friends and have play dates.  One of my favorite friends, Michelle from Two Belles & a Beau, is a Kindergarten teacher and she always hosts the most amazing holiday play dates! It's a fun time to pretend to be a stay at home mom and spend good time with friends and our littles.

Every year we go to Fashion Island and take a picture in front of their gorgeous tree! They also have an amazing tree lighting ceremony but we missed it this year.  This is a great place to shop with the littles because of the fun coy pond and the wide outdoor space for the kids to run around with dad while mom gets to fall in love with EVERYTHING inside Anthropologie #swoon! Seriously, I want everything in that store… It is like somebody went inside my head and created home, kitchen, clothing, kid toys and accessories JUST.FOR. ME.
Look at all of that SUNSHINE!

This last picture is one of my favorite family traditions. We open up or Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve so we are ready for Christmas Day.  This year we went the coordinated route!

As part of our Blogger Hop, we are all sharing a FREEBIE as well as our SoCal Winter stories.

Be sure to grab my Freebie here…Any other upper grade teachers out there working on Algebraic Patterns?  Having students recognize, state and repeat patterns is so mathematically important- it sets them up for fractions, division, multiplication and problem solving. Why not have them practice it in a cute and fun way!?!

 This is a page from my newest set… 

Snowflake Patterns & Functions {4.OA.5}

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